The “Yummy” Dinner

This post is more of a link than a true post. Over six months ago, I was stuck with a ‘what do we have for dinner?’ dilemma. So after poring through our cook books without success, I did an internet search and came across this completely delicious tuna rice salad recipe.

I didn’t have all the ingredients, so I substituted the lettuce with a grated cucumber.  Wow! This has now become a staple in our household, and has been christened ‘The Yummy Dinner’. It is the second most requested dinner after pancakes.

If you’re trying to figure out a way to get wayward small children to eat vegetables – give this a try!

Naturally, I have never followed their recipe exactly. Instead of buying tuna in water and adding oil, I short-cut and buy tuna in olive oil.  And when using cucumber, don’t forget to drain the extra liquid off the cucumber BEFORE adding the tuna. This recipe is quick too – put on the rice to cook first, and the rest can be prepared before the rice is done. We have a rice cooker, making it a very easy dinner.

I shan’t recreate the recipe, just go have a look at the link. It’s delicious as is, even with the lettuce. But I have also made it with fresh coriander. Another nice addition is lemon and/or garlic.

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