Pancakes and Fruit Smoosh

This is a guest post from my husband. He and C are the chief chef’s for this recipe. All I can say is that this is on very high rotation at our house. Over to him!

Coconut  Pancake Stack


This recipe came about through experimentation, desperation, and the inspired input of a 3 year old. We call it pancakes. The finished product is probably technically closer to a pikelet (around 10cm in diameter and about 6mm thick). So I hope the purists out there don’t get too upset. I have no idea just how thin you could get this and have it still remain a coherent pancake, so they shall be pancakes in name.

The following recipe feeds two adults and two small bottomless pits on legs, and there might be some left over if the little ones aren’t completely ravenous.

Assuming you use the plain pancake recipe, then a good topping is a fruit smoosh (name coined by C at age 3). For a smoosh, you basically cook diced fruit in a little butter for as long as it takes for the juices to release a little and the fruit to warm through.
Ingredients: Pancakes

1.5 cups of fine rice flour
0.5 tsp of raising agent / GF baking powder
1.5 cups of Laucke Flour, Easy Bakers GF white bread mix.  Other bread mixes are probably also fine
(You can vary the quantities of each type of flour, but about 3 cups in total seems to work.)
3 eggs
400ml can of coconut cream. You can use coconut milk if you prefer. And I’m sure it is possible to use lite or low fat versions of either of these but I personally refuse to.
200ml of rice milk. I prefer to use rice milk for this and can’t comment on how well the dairy variety works.
100g unsalted cooking butter

Banana Raspberry Smoosh


2 grated apples
2 thinly sliced bananas
1 cup Blueberries
1 cup of chilled, mashed sweet potato and/or pumpkin and/or taro

Ingredients: Fruit Smoosh

3 bananas
2 apples (or a large quince)
2 handfuls of frozen raspberries (and/or blueberries)
50g unsalted cooking butter


Put all of the pancake ingredients in a large bowl and mix using an electric whisk or whatever you like you combine stuff with. It should finish being a fairly viscous liquid, or runny solid, however you like to describe it. Add more milk to modify the consistency to your liking.

Pancakes ready to be flipped

If you want to vary the flavour, feel free to add in thinly sliced or grated fruit at this point, for example apple, banana, blueberries, etc. Chilled and mashed sweet potato or pumpkin also works and I’m pretty sure taro would be good as well but haven’t tried it as yet.

To cook this, I put a small amount of unsalted cooking butter in a medium to hot pan, but this really isn’t needed as they don’t seem to stick to my pan, but I just like the flavour it adds and it does help to golden up the pancakes.

Then pour around 8 to 10 cm diameter pancakes into the pan (about 1/6 of a cup of batter), cook for about 30 seconds on one side and about 10 seconds on the other. Adjust cooking time based on the heat and results. Given our large pan, I cook one side for as long as it takes to pour out about 5 pancakes, pause for a few seconds, then start flipping, pick up the plate to serve it onto, and get the pancakes out of the pan.

Repeat until all cooked. The butter and rice milk do produce a bit of smoke, so you will want to open a window before you start and clean your glasses after you finish.

And now for the fruit smoosh.

Dice the apples and bananas into small bits so everything can be eaten with a spoon. Put the apple in first with a nob of butter onto a medium heat, and when they start to lightly brown (after about a minute), put in the bananas, and stir it all around. Then after about 30 seconds, add in the frozen raspberries.

Everything is done at about the point the raspberries mostly stop looking frozen and start to leak some juice. Any remaining cold berries will heat up before they are eaten so don’t stress.

Serve with smoosh on pancakes.

Other things that can be served with the pancakes and smoosh include a plain yoghurt, cream, ice cream, maple syrup, or a squeeze of lemon or lime juice. And for the more adventurous, you can try a small amount of mustard.  Without the smoosh, C and J like Vegemite or peanut butter. Or for the purists they can be eaten plain.

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