Sometimes life catches up with us in weird ways. We’ve been having a very busy November at the moment, and trying to make sure ‘everything’ happens when it needs to happen has been hard. And I’m not talking about fripperies, I’m talking about having enough time to do basic stuff like washing clothes and dishes. The stacks in our bathroom and kitchen are getting very high indeed at the moment.

But why all the busy-ness? Well, C has been going in for testing – the full testing workup over November to check for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). I didn’t realise until it got going exactly how many specialist appointments it would take – multiple a week so far, thankfully most of them are on the same day of the week. That sees us off to our first hospital of the month on a regular basis. But it wouldn’t be crazy-vember if that was all, that would just be only slightly more doctors visits than usual. No, it seems the other hospital – the one that’s helping us with therapy for C’s CP (cerebral palsy), has decided this is the month for an ongoing check up – which, you guessed it, requires multiple specialist appointments over the whole month, not all of them on the same day of the week. So this month, the kids and I get to play the incredibly fun game of ‘which hospital will it be today?’

Thankfully, apart from his other, usual specialist appointments (yes there are more doctors sweetheart), there are only our ongoing commitments to extra-curriculars – J’s music class, and C’s gym. One activity each seemed like a reasonable, not-too-heavy commitment that would leave plenty of time for free-play and lessons. I’m just going to pause here while I giggle at the ridiculousness of ┬áthe situation that leaves us only weekends to be at home for the next month. (And that’s when the food shopping has to occur as well . . . sayonara time to do ‘minor’ things like washing clothes and dishes.

Yet even in all this, C is finding time to learn stuff: whether it’s facts about volcanoes, or the weight of planes; playing cool maths and puzzle-solving games; or discussing the history of the legal system. And little J has embarked on a quest to finish every puzzle in our house, age-appropriate or not, as well as a craft extravaganza of glue, scissors, and paint as often as she can manage.

All I can say – thank goodness C’s not in school – because there is no way I can do regular-time education at the moment.

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  1. Crazy-vember for sure! Hope it all goes well. I am new to homeschooling but I am already so grateful for the flexibility when life gets crazy and it IS amazing how much they learn on their own.

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