Asynchronous Homeschool Central: Our Learning Spaces

Unlike some of the quite lovely Pinterest pictures of homeschool classrooms, we don’t have a dedicated learning space where we do homeschooling – it just happens wherever the children decide to learn.

But I do have a few spaces organised.

Computer Desk and Computers

I actually spend a bit of time organising easy links to the programs I want the kids to use – lots of widgets and bookmarks with pictures make it easy for both kids to find the programs they want to play with, whether it’s algebra with Dragonbox, or letter practice, maths games or the Nasa website and apps. I also spend a bit of time childproofing the browsers on all our devices so they automatically filter inappropriate material for two very independent children! We also have adblockers and tracker blockers enabled on all our devices to limit their exposure to inappropriate ads, which can otherwise get through the browser filters.

Our computer table is also big enough that C can use it  to do stop-motion videos with the web-cam ( with an old cardboard box we keep handy for the backdrop). We also use the web-cam for online lessons and as a microphone for LOTE practice.

Lego Table
We have our old dinning table set up in C’s bedroom as a Lego Table – it’s big enough to store all the Lego in their storage containers and give the kids ample space to both play at the table. It also mostly keeps the Lego out of the main living areas, which is a boon.

Craft Cupboard
This one’s moved all around the house over the years, but we now have it located in two spots – for the less messy stuff, it’s on a low shelf in our office space, and for the messy and/or dangerous crafting, it’s on a high shelf in the kitchen.

Chemistry Cupboard
Up high we have shelf full of chemicals and equipment for our chemistry experiments. It’s a lot of fun, but dangerous. So this one’s very high – only under parental supervision. This might limit the strewing potential of always being able to do chemistry experiments, but with and active toddler, it’s our only safe option for the moment.

Little Red Table of Crafting

The kids have a little red table that we use for meals and everything else. During the day, it often becomes a little craft centre for cutting, gluing and painting. It’s also light enough to be moved from room to room.

Bags of Hardware Supplies

This one is a work-in-progress as C and his dad love to do woodwork and electronics. We have all
the tools and equipment, we just need the shelving in the kitchen so it’s easier to access. At the moment, it’s just in a few bags in the kitchen.


We have so many books. They are in every room of our house (except the bathroom). Wall-to-wall  in places. We have three dedicated spaces for the kids books – one in C’s bedroom, and one each in each of the main living spaces. This makes it easy for them to sit down with a book whenever they want. Which they do, a lot.

And that’s it for the tour of our living spaces! I hope you’ve enjoyed the All Aussie Not Back To School Hop and that you’ll go and check out what other homeschool families do to organise their spaces.

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