The Advantages of Homeschooling My Special Needs Kids

We’ve been doing this homeschooling gig for a while now, and while our family are by no means experts, I’d like to share some of the advantages of homeschooling.

The Advantage of Homeschooling my Special Needs Kids, Image: Purple Flowers

For our 2e family, some of the advantages of homeschooling include:

  • Adapting our environment to create optimal learning spaces. Our kids have noise sensitivities, and we are able to control the ambient background noise in our home (albeit with some difficulty). We are also able to let them learn in a way that is best for them – being able to jump around as they watch documentaries, or listen to stories. Or disappear into their own worlds in order to follow their own self-directed learning paths.
  • Building therapy into the daily schedule. This is so much easier than trying to just do these after school or on weekends. We can build spinning, or jumping, deep pressure work, or mobility exercises into our daily fabric. We can do races down the hallway, or animal walks before formal-type lessons that involve large bouts of concentration – ‘resetting’ their internal sensory clock back below ‘about to be overwhelmed‘.
  • But that flexibility also means that we can allow our kids to do things that really inspire them as well, by allowing them to follow their obsessions without the limitations of school scheduling or ‘you must do X before Y’. Such as taking them to talks by NASA scientists on a week-night to feed a science obsession, even if their other non-science abilities are at a much lower academic level.

Though many of these things could be done with my children if they were in school, I have found many of them are much easier because homeschooling allows us to be flexible and adaptable.

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