The Breadth of Gifted Still Knocks Me Flat

Sometimes I can take it all in my stride.

Sometimes I forget, even for a moment, all that giftedness entails – and that’s when I run into the ‘oh, yeah, I forgot about that’ wall.

The Breadth of Gifted Still Knocks Me Flat, Image: A grey owl, and bees

It can hit anywhere:

  • When I’m sitting in a specialists waiting room filling out yet another endless form on my children’s behaviors where I’m required to somehow divine what ‘normal’ and ‘normal for age’ is by osmosis ….
  • Or when my daughter has just scrunched up a perfectly good drawing because she thinks it’s terrible…
  • Or when my son connects seemingly incompatible things like endless youtube watching of domino and minecraft videos to create his own super-optimized Boolean gates and the beginnings of his own computer, including clocks and calculators… (…and if anyone asks, yes that was in the plan … somewhere, wherever the plan has gone … it’s around here somewhere …)
Not matter when the realisation hits, good or bad, it’s never expected. And then I go and re-read the characteristics of gifted kids and feel like slapping myself up-side the head. Because it’s there … I just had to remember to look.
This old tired brain of mine goes back to gifted 101 and retakes the class again for the nth time.
So for those of you, like me out there who run into those moments, here are some great reads so you too can (as Yoda so succintly puts it), ‘relearn what you have learned‘.

Gifted 101


This post was part of the GHF Blog hop, “Discovering the Depth and Breadth of Giftedness”.

7 Replies to “The Breadth of Gifted Still Knocks Me Flat”

  1. It's easy to forget that our "normal" is really something else entirely for many others. Staying grounded in the breadth and depth of our reality is important so we can best advocate for our kiddos, instead of trying to make excuses for why they don't fit easily into someone else's box.

  2. Lovely to have your list of favorites as part of this month's GHF blog hop. And a valuable list it is, indeed. I remember so very many times when the breadth of giftedness knocked me flat. I thank my lucky stars that all my children are now happy adults.

  3. This is so true. Often, we are caught up in the asynchronous nature of giftedness. I will be dealing with what seems like toddler behavior when he'll floor me with something incredible. It's an exciting ride for sure. Thank you for this, and for the shout-out 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing your info. I truly appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your further post thanks once again.

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