Can’t Do All The Things

Grand Plans. They never end well. I have them all here in my planning journal. What I do each week to keep on top of things. This week we were hit with a mould demon, and I realised that sometimes, I just can’t do all the things.

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Night of the Living OMG What is That?!

This week – the week I planned to get ahead with writing stuff for the blog, we got hit by the 1-2 of living-things-that-are-out-to-get-you. A viral infection knocked me and then the kids down, and then my poor hubbie. It was the mother of all wet weeks. and crazy mould demon invaded our house.

Every day of the last week was another episode in our mould discovery tour. Previously super dry locations became mini rivers. The water started running down the walls.

Down. The. Walls.

With no source. It felt like we tapped into an alternate water dimension. Cthulhu was rising and he’d decided our home was the perfect location for a bit of crazy mould demon action.

Cleaning Out the Mould Demon

We cleared the walls, through away, washed, scrubbed. Found locations that we hadn’t seen in a decade. There was a lot of “OMG, is that where that went to?” The bins filled up with forgotten junk that might have been important pre-kids. Maybe.

At one stage, we had our dehumidifier going in one corner, and I was holding the bucket for my kid vomiting in the other.

Glorious times. By day four, I was so horrified I was laughing – even as I was covered in layers of dust that seemed never ending. We found fitbits with no chargers, old brochure collections for holidays from over five years ago. We bought the biggest damp remover buckets I have ever seen – and they are now strategically placed around the house. The mould demon is in retreat, and I am claiming a moment of ‘OMG I did adulting’ in a shocked sotto voce.

So I didn’t do all the things.

I Really Can’t Do All The Things

But for every bad day, there are good ones. Today it was dry and sunny. I washed so many things. I opened windows on less than freezing air, and I talked to my sister. (Adult conversation! Yay!) It was wonderful.

Sure, the kids are doing their own thing – mainly Pokemon games they created in minecraft. But hey, I can only adult so far. And I really can’t do all the things, however much I want to be that super-parent-in-my-head. And today, for a brief moment, I saw the bottom of my washing baskets.

Though I might not be able to do all the things, every now and again, I get a brief moment of ‘I can do some of the things, and that’s OK‘.

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