Writing and Appearances

Here’s a heads up of places you can check out my recent writings and appearances on gifted, 2e and homeschooling. Including podcasts!

Writing and Appearances, yellowreadis.com | Image: Origami butterfly on pale wood background


I have done a few articles for parents struggling with crisis homeschooling. Check out the articles in the links below.

How to Work and Homeschool

You can catch up on my latest guest post over here at How to Work and Homeschool:
Suddenly Homeschooling a Gifted Child

Stuck at home with the kids, working from home, freaking out? Here’s some simple steps to get you started with gifted or twice-exceptional (gifted/2e) learners.

Suddenly Homeschooling a Gifted Child
"Homeschooling is not as different as it looks. The first thing to remember is: DON’T PANIC." yellowreadis.com, Writing and Appearances | Image: Creature from the Black Lagoon toy on cardboard Eiffel Tower

Home Education Network

For those a little closer to Australia, I have a more detailed guide up on the Home Education Network, “Home Educating Gifted and 2e Kids including Victorian resources

If you are one of the many families who are suddenly home educating due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, you will be in a slightly different headspace to people who chose to home educate. But it’s not as different as it looks!

The first thing to remember is: DON’T PANIC.

Home Educating Gifted and 2e Kids including Victorian resources

Podcasts and Guest Appearances


I was honoured to be asked to be a guest on GTChat on March 25th when they covered the topic of gifted myths. You can read the twitter transcript here.

Embracing Intensity

Text: "Wherever you are and whatever you're up to is OK" -- Kathleen Humble, embracingIntensity.com, "Use your fire without getting burned"

The lovely Aurora Remembers invited me to do a interview on the Embracing Intensity Podcast. We talked about being a quirky kid, and how that shaped my life and what I do now. It was a pleasure to be invited to talk on her show.

The podcast is available now: “Episode 175: Champion of the Quirky Kids with Kathleen Humble” .

Also, check out this amazing animation made from the podcast!

GHF Expert Series

I was also a guest on the live interview GHF Expert Series on May 18th. I talk about parenting out of the box kids, and about my book, Gifted Myths. It was a lot of fun, and it will be available to GHF Members through the GHF Experts series.

Writing and Appearances. Text: yellowreadis.com | Image: Old red book on pale wooden background

Social Media

Don’t forget! You can follow along on my social media accounts too – I often post interesting articles and join in on live chats like #GtChat and #ParentChat.

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