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Kathleen Humble - Yellow Readis

My name is Kathleen Humble  and I am a homeschooling mum in Australia to two wonderful twice-exceptional children: C aka Canary (after Canary Wharf); and J aka Jubilee (after the Jubilee Blim, a small, fast bus). Yes, my eldest picked the names, can’t you tell? In a past life, I was also  a mathematician, computer programmer,  and a children’s entertainer.

Yellow Readis combines two of my great passions: writing about and advocating for homeschooling gifted/2E children; and creating great gluten-free food. With so little awareness about allergies I have had to teach myself to cook out of necessity, much like I have had to learn step by hard step about twice-exceptionality.

I hope you enjoy learning about my journey.

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Kathleen’s Other Publications

My work has been featured in ‘The Mighty‘:

In Otherways Magazine:

And on the HEN website:

I have done talks for the Gifted Support Network on

  • Gifted and Twice-Exceptional Myths‘,
  • Blended, Multi-level Learning for Gifted and 2e Children‘.

And I have a book with GHF Press on Gifted Myths due out in  2017, now 2018!

 Yellow Readis logo, a hand drawn yellow owl

The Origins of Yellow Readis

If you were wondering, the name Yellow Readis has its origins in two stories.

Yellow, for me as a child, was always the boot-colour of puss-in-boots. It didn’t matter that every picture had him in red or green or brown. He will always be in bright yellow boots in my mind’s eye. He is magic, brave, courageous and not afraid of telling a tall tale.

Readis is the name of one of my creations. He is a small, lovable owl, who is always anxious, loves to follow rules and is very easily flustered. But he is always brimming over with enthusiasm, particularly when he has a chance to learn and read. I have many adventures written about Readis tucked away in a cupboard. But he lives in my head, more often than not.

This little owl doll was a gift from my sister
This little Readis doll was a gift from my sister.

So to me, the name Yellow Readis is about being courageous even when I feel afraid or anxious – to be willing to step outside my comfort zone and explore new ideas, and occasionally tell a tale or two.

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