About Kathleen Humble

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Kathleen Humble  is an author and homeschooling mum with ADHD in Australia to two wonderful twice-exceptional children: C aka Canary,  and J aka Jubilee. In a past life, she was also  a mathematician, computer programmer,  and a children’s entertainer.

She has a number of publications, including a book, “Gifted Myths: An Easy-to-Read Guide to the Myths, Science and History of the Gifted and Twice-Exceptional” with GHF Press.

Yellow Readis combines two of her great passions: writing and advocating for homeschooling gifted/2E children.

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Kathleen’s Publications


She has a book with GHF Press on Gifted Myths  available now!

Book Cover: Gifted Myths: An Easy-to-Read Guide to the Myths, Science and History of the Gifted and Twice-Exceptional by Kathleen Humble . Image: Abstract stripe in multiple colours

She is also working on her next book, “Cloud and the Blue Whale” through a Write-Ability Fellowship in 2018 with Writers Victoria.


GHF Learners

She was a guest at the GHF Conference 2021, for
GHF Press — Perspectives on Giftedness: Sound Advice from Parents and Professionals

She has a talk available through GHF learners,
Expert Series – Professionals, S1 E1: Kathleen Humble Gifted Myths

Aurora Remember

Listen to an interview with Aurora Remember,
Episode 175: Champion of the Quirky Kids with Kathleen Humble” 

Gifted Support Network

She has also done in-person talks for the Gifted Support Network on

Gifted and Twice-Exceptional Myths‘,

Blended, Multi-level Learning for Gifted and 2e Children‘.

WCGTC 2017

Kathleen also did a poster presentation at the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children Conference, 2017, “Alternative education options for gifted and twice exceptional children

Magazines and Websites

Kathleen has written or been featured on a number of other websites and magazines.

In the Mighty

What It Feels Like to Be on ADHD Medication

In Otherways Magazine:

Home Educating Gifted and 2e Children in Victoria

Unschooling Ain’t the Boogie Man

Unconventional Learning

The Avengers: A Short Unit Study

Unit Study: Bleach and Japan

In Writers Victoria Magazine:

In the Victorian Writer 2019 February-March Issue, “Doing it for the Kids

And on the HEN website:

Falling Through the Cracks

Yellow Readis logo, a hand drawn yellow owl

Kathleen on the Origins of Yellow Readis

If you were wondering, the name Yellow Readis has its origins in two stories.

Yellow, as a child, was always the boot-colour of puss-in-boots. It didn’t matter that every picture had him in red or green or brown. He will always be in bright yellow boots in my mind’s eye. He is magic, brave, courageous and not afraid of telling a tall tale.

Readis is the name of one of my creations. He is a small, lovable owl, who is always anxious, loves to follow rules and is very easily flustered. But he is always brimming over with enthusiasm, particularly when he has a chance to learn and read. I have many adventures written about Readis tucked away in a cupboard. But he lives in my head, more often than not.

This little Readis doll was a gift from my sister.

So to me, the name Yellow Readis is about being courageous even when I feel afraid or anxious – to be willing to step outside my comfort zone and explore new ideas, and occasionally tell a tale or two.

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