Taipei 101 Cake

DS 5 requested a Taipei 101 skyscraper cake for his birthday this year. After a week trawling the internet for anyone who had done it before, I realised I would have to design it from scratch. This is the Taipei 101 official website.

So I came up with a not-so-simple tier cake design. It was to be a 7-tier cake. The base would be the biggest part, then the next 6 tiers would be virtually identical. It would be topped with a blue lego topper.

The cake also had to be GF so I could eat it!

This blog will walk through how I made it.
It took over 6 hours to make so It’s not one to do in a rush.

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Mum’s Lemon Tuna Curry

This is my variation on a recipe my Mum gave me for Tuna Mornay (She got the recipe from her MIL). It was a staple when we were growing up. I’ve toned it down and added some vege’s to match my son’s preferences. This is a great backup recipe. It takes 20-30mins from starting to serving, and is easily made with not much in the house. It also stands up really well to substitution – almost any ingredient can be swapped for something else if you are short. It’s also a great hit at our home, as everyone will eat it, including my fussy 3 year old son.
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Budget Gluten and Dairy-Free Bread

After lots of trial and error, I finally figured out a bread recipe that tastes like bread. This recipe is basically designed to help ‘spin-out’ a supermarket bread mix so that you get lots of nice bread. I have been able to double the amount of bread I can make with a pre-mix packet. It’s also very light for a gluten-free loaf, which is the tricky part with ‘spinning out’ premix packets. And it tastes better too! Anyway, without more ado, here it is:
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