SF/Fantasy Gifted Homeschoolers Series: Dune

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I am going to do a series of reviews on books that have gifted homeschoolers of one variety or another as protagonists. Now there is a caveat here: I haven’t included stories where the protagonist didn’t get an ‘education’ because of deprivation, i.e. like Dragonflight’s Lessa. These will be stories where education and homeschooling actually are talked about within the story, and if possible, form an integral part of the storytelling.

A few of these books are also actually sequels or one in a series. If so, I will say. And explain why the earlier books don’t count! (Though they’re usually also a great read).

Not all these books will be suitable for children to read. This is not designed to be a list to hand to your child. But will, I hope, open the door for books that most will not think about as ‘homeschooling’ books. I hope it’s fun too. Enjoy!

So to kick this off, I’m starting with a classic.

NB. This post has links to buy books – because if you want to read awesome books (or consume their media derivatives) , I want to make it easier for you – I am a book-enabler. . But you can always hop over to your local library instead – libraries are cool.

Title: Dune
Author: Frank Herbert
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