I Got My Lunchbox …

I was 13 when I decided school was a prison. As I read my way through the classics of sci-fi – from Asimov’s ‘Foundation‘, through to Phillip K Dick’s ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?‘, wending my way through Heinlein, Herbert and Clarke, – I learned about social structures. And I learned more by finding and reading works like Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince‘, Bernard Shaw’s ‘Man and Superman‘, and even the mad absurdity of ‘Waiting for Godot’. And in my 13-year-old mind, I started to put together a theory of social conditioning.

Warning: Occasional foul language when appropriate.

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SF/Fantasy Gifted Homeschoolers Series: Have Spacesuit, Will Travel

SF/Fantasy Gifted Homeschoolers Series, Have Spacesuit, Will Travel, yellowreadis.com Image: Old photo of stars

This is part of a series of reviews on books that have gifted homeschoolers of one variety or another as protagonists. A few of these books are also actually sequels or one in a series. If so, I will say. As I explain here, not all these books will be suitable for children to read. But today’s book is one of the happy exceptions. Which is a Heinlein rarity!

Title: Have Spacesuit, Will Travel
Author: Robert A. Heinlein
Genre: SF

Disclaimer: This post may have  links to buy books, because if you want to read  this awesome books, I want to make it easier for you – I am a book-enabler.. But you can always hop over to your local library instead – libraries are cool.
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