Zucchini, Apple, Banana and Cinnamon Birthday Cake

Zucchini, Apple, Banana and Cinnamon Cake

I decided to go for a change of pace and do a nice cake recipe. Don’t worry – I’ll be back to the homeschooling series next post!!

This is the cake my other half requested for his birthday. As he doesn’t like icing or sweet cakes, this is my version of an almost-savoury cake that’s still dessert-like enough for a birthday. It won’t rise terribly high, but it’s a moist, almost bread-like cake with a crunchy outer shell – delicious!

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How We Homeschool – Part 3: Prepackaged Curriculum

There are many reasons to use a pre-packaged curriculum. But there were two main reasons we use them. The first is to help C learn subjects we don’t know well enough to teach (like languages). The other is to give him an independent way to learn when I have to look after our baby J, that he will find engaging and interesting.
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How We Homeschool – Part 2: Shorter Unit Studies

Previously, I did a post on one of our long-term unit studies. But not all unit studies are ongoing or as long-term. Sometimes a unit study can be smaller – taking an interest and running with it, to extend it and explore some other subjects along the way.

Unit Study: Avengers
C became hooked on the Marvel Avenger’s Alliance Facebook game while watching and asking questions as his dad played it in the evenings. It became an awesome way for him to have some ‘Daddy’ time – and they were able to play and strategise together.  So we set up the game for him under my account so he could have his own game.
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How We Homeschool – Part 1, Unit Studies

I am going to talk about our curriculum, what we do and how we design it, in at least 4 parts. Hopefully it will prove of interest to other people who maybe homeschooling, or even afterschooling.

Part 1 – Unit Studies
Unit studies happen by an amorphous process – they are completely driven by C’s interests, but we will then try to incorporate other aspects of KLA’s* into it.
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Why We Homeschool

I have been agonizing over whether to post this blog post. It’s a question we *thankfully* haven’t had to answer too much out and about as ‘C’ (DS5) is just young enough to not look like he needs to be in school. But it’s a question that comes up every time he is asked, ‘So what school are you going to next year?’
And just how much do you answer? There’s a wealth of difficult decisions over the last 3 years that led to homeschool. Just how much does a random stranger, or brief acquaintance WANT or NEED to know?

So I thought I might just write this out so that it is clear in my mind – in a logical, step-by-step kind of way.
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The Status of Mum


Gluten-Free Mum: The Status of Mum

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A Quick Review

This is in part a review, and in part an extrapolation on the book “Status Anxiety” by Alain de Botton. This book offers a fantastic look at the things that make us anxious. It gives a rather gripping explanation of why people can feel scared and anxious. This book made me ‘furiously think’.

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Taipei 101 Cake

DS 5 requested a Taipei 101 skyscraper cake for his birthday this year. After a week trawling the internet for anyone who had done it before, I realised I would have to design it from scratch. This is the Taipei 101 official website.

So I came up with a not-so-simple tier cake design. It was to be a 7-tier cake. The base would be the biggest part, then the next 6 tiers would be virtually identical. It would be topped with a blue lego topper.

The cake also had to be GF so I could eat it!

This blog will walk through how I made it.
It took over 6 hours to make so It’s not one to do in a rush.

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Mum’s Lemon Tuna Curry

This is my variation on a recipe my Mum gave me for Tuna Mornay (She got the recipe from her MIL). It was a staple when we were growing up. I’ve toned it down and added some vege’s to match my son’s preferences. This is a great backup recipe. It takes 20-30mins from starting to serving, and is easily made with not much in the house. It also stands up really well to substitution – almost any ingredient can be swapped for something else if you are short. It’s also a great hit at our home, as everyone will eat it, including my fussy 3 year old son.
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Budget Gluten and Dairy-Free Bread

After lots of trial and error, I finally figured out a bread recipe that tastes like bread. This recipe is basically designed to help ‘spin-out’ a supermarket bread mix so that you get lots of nice bread. I have been able to double the amount of bread I can make with a pre-mix packet. It’s also very light for a gluten-free loaf, which is the tricky part with ‘spinning out’ premix packets. And it tastes better too! Anyway, without more ado, here it is:
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