Architecture: The Capacity to Surprise

Every now and then C has the capacity to surprise me.

We had been waiting for the delivery of the LEGO Architecture Studio – the present he bought with the money he was given for his birthday. (And yes, he waited months until there was a sale so he could afford it – he’s good at waiting, actually.)

It arrived today.

Inside the studio

He insisted almost immediately that I read sections aloud and start doing the architecture exercises.

The original power station design, with added windows.

The first we stumbled upon was how to go about the initial process of coming up with a design. So all three of us sat down to ‘make models’. Little J made aeroplanes, of course. I clumsily tried to follow their ideas for a bird and a tower. But C had his own idea – a power station.

With a bit of finessing, we talked about how the power station was the inspiration for the idea, but it’s use was not limited to power stations. What else could it be? C decided that it was going to be an aquarium.
Modified design that allowed for a grand entrance
and more residential space.

Initially over the water, but after a bit of thought about engineering, decided that next to a river was the better solution. It was to be a multi-use complex.

Architecture Brief – the numbers represent
the amount of floors in the building.
The squiggles on the bottom left are the river.

I talked C into writing an architecture brief to explain how the building was to be used. (He’d already talked me through the design, but sneaky mum wanted him to practice his hand-writing.)

A modular creation

He hasn’t stopped yet, but has moved onto modular design, boat-inspired buildings and prisons. And I believe after a couple of hours of design, he’s now deciding if he will recreate the Sears Tower, or come up with something else to surprise me, again.

C’s idea of a prison

I think it’s going to be architecture city here for the foreseeable future.


If you are looking for architecture material for your own kids, these are worth a look:

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