Yellow Readis is Back and Writing!

There’s been a lot of writing happening behind the scenes at Yellow Readis – just not on the website. But now we’re back and writing here too!

So what’s coming up?

Yellow Readis Is Back and Writing | 
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Gifted Myths is Being Published with the new GHF Press!

At this stage, it looks like it will be available within the next 1-2 months. We’re doing cover design, (which I will share as soon as we can with all my readers). The text is being finalised, and it’s in breathing distance of being a real, live book that you can buy.

I am very excited, as I have been working on this for a long time now (3? 4? years … it’s fuzzy). It will be lovely to finally reveal it to the world.

So, what’s the book about?

Gifted Myths

Is Giftedness a myth? What is a Gifted Child? Why is Giftedness such a hot-button issue? Where does the fear and dislike of ‘gifted’ come from?

Come on a journey that explores how Mrs Einstein, paparazzi from the 1900s, and the San people of the Kalahari Desert can help us understand what gifted is – and is not.

In an easy-read style, Gifted Myths explores stories of history, science, and the lived experience of gifted and twice-exceptional families to understand how we ended up where we are today: and what we can do about it!

I will be back to writing regular posts on Yellow Readis.

I have a lot of posts that have been sitting here getting no love. Partially that is because my life went super-weird, aka. ‘The Hollywood film will be out shortly‘ level of cray cray. And part of it is … I suck at hitting publish.

ADHD: The curse of the last 20% when your brain tells you it is ‘done’.

I Finished my 2018 Writing Fellowship

Yellow Readis is Back and Writing | Image: Old green book on white background

At the start of 2018, I had the good fortune to win a Write-Ability Fellowship with Writers Victoria. This was an amazing honour, and I have been working on that in between the personal emergencies.

I had the great pleasure to work with Shivaun Plozza. Shivaun is amazing, and I have been very lucky to work with her as she poked holes all over my story, showed me how this whole gig worked and kicked the book in the direction it needed to go!

For those interested, this is the blurb for “Cloud and the Sprites of Chaos

Cloud Jones, a young girl, and her new best friend Wraxton Nguyen, are on an adventure to capture the Sea Elder’s lost Chaos Sprites. Each will need to use their own neurodivergent ‘superpowers’ to succeed: Cloud’s love of new things, spontaneity, and fierce can-do creativity; Wraxton’s deep understanding of rules and details, and amazing memory. Along the way they will discover how logic, creativity, bravery and working together can open up new ways to see the world.

BTW, Chapter 1 can be read in the Victorian Writer 2019 February-March Issue, “Doing it for the Kids“. 

Why the Big Break in Writing?

Yellow Readis is Back and Writing! | Image: Collection of 4 fidget toys.

Succinctly: My heath, my kids and too many commitments!

As most parents with disabled kids know, medical stuff intervenes in unusual ways. Our life for the last decade has been attached to the tides of hospital waiting lists and clinic appointments. It ebbs between once a month to multiple appointments a week, but very rarely less than that.

Add in my own chronic illness, surgery (for me and one of the kids), a few family and friend emergencies, and mountains of medical and my life truly went cray cray. We’re talking Four Weddings and a Funeral cray cray, with less weddings, more respite care, a Russian bot attack, and mountains of NDIS paperwork. OK, so, not very like Four Weddings at all really, sadly.

But still. We’re here, we’re surviving. And I am back!

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